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Packing List

Mauritania is a desert country with a rough climate and a strict culture. Even though tolerance is high, attraction will be all on you if completely ignored but very appreciated if followeda bit. 

The further in the desert the more sun and less shade. Not to compare to a beach: 

- long trousers and / or skirts

- shirts with (long) sleeves

- turban (or something to cover head and neck against the sun) can be bought in local markets

- sun cream and -glasses

- flashlight

- personal pillow

- personal toiletteries and toilet paper

Camel Weekend Terjit

price: 500€ fix + 250€ per person

Room in Nouakchott

price: 10€ fix + 5€ per person

Room with private bathroom available. Veranda and kitchen shared. Additional services negotiable.


After lots of tours on our own, we developped a few standard tours which include the main highlights of the region covered. 

Other than those standard tours, we will always be happy to create your own custom made tour according to your wished and conditions. 

We are also not shy to refer to specialised guides and agencies that we know very well if we see that your tour is going to be more in their expertise than in ours. 

Our main value is to offer the ideal trip for each traveller. 

If you have a limited budget we can discuss where we could save money to make your trip affordable. 

1-Day Nouakchott

price: 250€ per car (3pers) + 50€ per person

Visit all Highlights of Nouakchott in one day and dive into the culture of this deserty capital. 

Leaving Nouakchott Friday afternoon to the Adrar to enjoy 2 days of camel riding or trekking, passing from the biggest oasis of the Adrar through wadis and near rock paintings to enjoy the most famous and beautiful oasis of Mauritania and be back Sunday night. 

Camel Weekend Chinguetti

price: 200€ fix + 600€ per person

Discover Chinguettis libraries, old towns and gardens by enjoying short camel trips around the town

Camel Week Azouega-Terjit

price: 1400€ fix + 700€ per person

Discover the most beautiful dunes, wadis, passes and oasis of Mauritania through a one-week camel trip.  

Adventure Week

price: 3300€ fix + 700€ per person (+ 700€ per additional car (>3pers))

4x4, camel, iron ore train, public transports

Be it Nouakchott - Rosso - Boghe - Aleg - Tijikja - Terjit - Adrar - else:

including the Senegal river valley, several oasis, ancient ruines, desert crocodiles or else, we can do custom made tours for all occasions and time frames. 

Tell us what you want and what conditions you have, and we tell you what can be done. 

8 days, from Saturday to Sunday, are enough to visit Nouakchott, rock painitngs, several oasis, Chinguetti, Nouadhibou and the National parc of Banc d'Arguin by car, camel and iron ore train... 


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