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We want to share our hobby with the world: Travelling Mauritania, everywhere, all the time, with all transportation means (but with a personal preferece on camel riding) and with everybody who likes to discover. 


Swiss, living in and loving Mauritania, working with Mauritanians only. That's who we are. 


We have a lot of personal experience with Swiss, Germans and budget travellers. 




After lots of tours on our own, we developped a few standard tours which include the main highlights of the region covered. 


Other than those standard tours, we will always be happy to create your own custom made tour according to your wished and conditions. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions or feedback.


We are also not shy to put ouin contact with other tour operators if there is a wish of yours that they can fulfill better than us. 

need a cab? call us 987.654.3210

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